Thursday, October 6, 2011

Make Your Own Blouses Chudi Tops & Bottoms Pavadais etc.,

Blouses for Girls and Women:

Do it Your self!
A bright opportunity opens today on this VIJAYADASAMI day!

You can learn dress making for your family and also to start a tailoring shop. ITBM- The Institute of Tailoring Business Management can teach you to make all these in a most commercial manner.

But the basic prerequisite for joining this short term course is that one must know the basic stitching skill. We shall teach the technical aspects of taking body measurements, developing patterns, drawing and cutting. All will suit your body requirements.

We shall make our tailors to demonstrate pattern making, cutting, stitching and finally some dresses to match you- a blouse, a pant, a top and a petticoat. These are all more than enough for a house wife. We shall make a paper board pattern for your blouse. You will learn to draw Chudithar pattern. You will also know about a petticoat making.

  • Learn to make everything an Indian Woman needs!
  • You will agree that an Indian woman needs to know to make her own Blouses, Chudithars, Petticoats for her and Pattu Pavadai blouses for her little girls.
  • All other things like brassieres, nighties for you and frocks for your children are ready made, you will enjoy them to buy while shopping.
The total program will make you stitch your own dresses and also to start and run a tailoring shop. You may contact: Pnk Guru, the fashion designer on 999 4757 365 and know about the course.

The program is conducted at: Institute of Tailoring Business Management
23, Sanganur Main road, Rathinapuri, COIMBATORE-641 027